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July 24, 2015

Happy Friday!! Had a good week got a new tattoo or cover up from Mark Mahoney at the Samrock Social Club on the Sunset strip Im actually not that big into tattoos but had to have the jail looking tattoo I got when I was younger fixed up ;p no I  was not in jail :)  I LOVE it big differnce when its good , meaningful art.  Also Thank you to the fellows that got me gifts off my amazon wish list so sweet hope you enjoyed your pics.  Jus...

Red Leopard Fuck
Added on July 19, 2015
Spunk Blowjob
Added on July 12, 2015
Garden Titfuck
Added on June 28, 2015
Pink Dress Cum Swallow
Added on June 21, 2015
Creampie Cocktail
Added on June 11, 2015
White n Wet
Added on May 31, 2015
Purple Bra Titfuck n Facial
Added on May 17, 2015
Mothers Day 2015
Added on May 11, 2015