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October 28, 2014

DC Nov. 4-7 and NYC Nov. 9-13 2014 

are you guys excited for Halloween Im excited to put my Halloween update up should I do Weds or Thurs I like the music in this video I did some of the voice overs not that I can sing at lol and Im sure as hell not singing.  Have fun jerking off to my Halloween Video muahhh XOXOO

Sophia\'s 12th Birthday!
October 24, 2014

I'll be in DC Nov. 4-7 and NYC Nov.9- 13th 2014  Also yesterday was Sophia's 12th birthday thank-you so much for all the birthday wishes and pictured of Soph and I together through the years you guys rock yesterday she had a great doggy day ribs and special doggy corn bread from B such a spoiled little princess oh well she loves it and I love spoiling her HA! Also thank you for the gifts from my Amazon wish list so sweeet :) : ) Have a great Friday !!!!

lots of love,


D.C. Nov.4-7 2014 and NYC NOV.9- 13th
October 22, 2014

I'll be in DC Nov. 4-7 and NYC Nov.9- 13th 2014 

Im having such a lazy day today yikes! Ok I saw your requests so YES I did another swallow video. who needs to take protein shakes when you swallow as much cum as I do. Anyways enjoy the video have a great Wednesday babies!!!



Oktoberfest 2104 picture update (swallow)
October 19, 2014

Happy Sunday Funday Oktoberfest pics went up today !! want me to pour you a special beer? Boobs and beer Das Gut :) :)

working on my sexy freaky Halloween video just for you... shot my box cover for my next movie coming out I really liked my make up this time so I hope the pics look great.  Thanks for being a member or even for just checking in and seeing what I am up too.



so excited Sophia is turning 12 on Oct. 23 now that Im sooooo thankful for sending you big fluffy hearts xoxooo

D.C. Nov.4-7 2014
October 15, 2014

It's been forever but I will be in D.C. Nov.4-7th email me

glad everyone likes the Oktoberfest Swallow vid so much :) : ) : )



Happy Canadian Thanksgiving 2014
October 13, 2014

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all my Canadian peeps :) !!!! Im homesick today, nothing like family LOVE !!!!


kianna XOOO

Oktoberfest 2104 vid update (swallow)
October 12, 2014

Happy Oktoberfest 2014 Can I pour you a beer?  a weiner schnitzel yuhhh :) ;)  my boobs are extra soft after pouring this pitcher of beer over them. Have a great sunday funday!!! ohh its a Swallow video I know how much you guys like to watch me swallow a big load!!



candids from Vancouver/chilliwack
October 11, 2014

hi guys!

 was feeling a little homesick since Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I included some of grandmas homemade wonton soup Singapore style soo yummy I could eat that everyday. One time my friend ordered me some wonton soup at a well known resteraunt it was so bad I half spat it up without realizing my body was doing that. It was like my body revolted it ha. Embarrasing but thats when I realized not everyone cooked like my family and that my tastebuds were spoiled esp from my grandfathers cooking he could easily wow the pants off any Iron chef no problem. I have an awesome Octoberfest video that is ready to go up, was having some server problems again but hopefully this time it will let me put the video up. At least its really good qualtiy etc took over 7 hrs to render the files are so big. Have an awesome Saturday! thank you for being so patient while I deal with these technical issues :) : )

big hugs,


Back from Vancouver
October 02, 2014

hi guys, just a quick note back from Vancouver and the Fraser Valley , read some of your emails will be answering shortly. Had an amazing time. So strange to go from being around a ton of friends and family to my LA life, not complaining everything is good just different Im grateful for all my experiences XOOO

September 28, 2014

good morning! Instead of sunday funday should be sunday funbag day lol awesome new update I love getting wet for you! Be back in a couple days going to spend some time with family. My grandpa gees what an amazing man hes 94 :) Anyways I can barely see right now it is 5:21 am lol Have a great day...sending you love. XOX, Kianna.