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New York Sept. 7-13 th
August 27, 2014

I will be in NY baby the big rockin apple Sept. 7-13th 13th being my last day finally :) email:

Also availiable for  private sexy web cam shows and chats , don't be shy Oh and I would like to thank M for buying out my complete amazon wish list again thank you so  much I was shocked and happy and sophia says thank you to xoxooo

I also wanted to send some love to the people of Napa, I just love that city I have spent enough time there I recognize some of the shops down town etc that have been destroyed by the earthquake. What a great little city the people are helping each other repair no looting, fires, violence so glad to see that exists gives me more faith Press On Napa !!!

Im craving tiny oysters today and bubbles look out Oyster House here I come !!!!!

have a great Wednesday, am grateful for all of you xoxoxo

Kianna alooohhhhaaaa

August 24, 2014

Slutty mom Kianna is at it again: TABOO MILF CREAMPIE  you know how I like to take care of my son before I send him off to colledge what better way than creaming his mom. Plus I get loney and want to have his cum to try to get pregnent to have another great son to fuck. Saw this request post in the members area so enjoy the taboo roleplay :) 

Also its been forever since I have been to NY but I will be there Sept.7- 13

Have a great Sunday Funday!!



August 21, 2014

have a great Thursday :) your next update is compressing!!! Been having fun with all ya dirty fun web camming lately thanks guys xox if interested in details email me

luv ya,


August 14, 2014

Have a great Thursday peeps!!! green smoothie time :)

August 12, 2014

hi all !! if anyone is interested in a sexy private web cam show or chat please email me for details



August 10, 2014

hi all :) wishing you all a beautiiful relaxing Sunday right now I am  just having some beautiful homemade Love tea my girlfriend made me awhhh I just love it :) :)  feeling special xooox

August 09, 2014

good afternoon! Im feeling better still can't lift my hands over my head though. A few days ago a guy was walking his pitbull without a leash the dog ran over to my yard after Sophia so long story short I got crushed in my big solid iron gate literally pinched and stuck in my gate.Things could've been worse Soph and I are ok.  Protect the princess at all costs!  HEY ! added a picture gallery today love that little dress with my tits poking through :)

I went to Christian Mann's memorial last night was really sad well you know it was special,  a Huge room filled with LOVE, laughter and tears.  I guess he came up with Edward penishands hahaha and was really proud of that :) really special guy.

have a great afternoon :)



August 01, 2014

Ok who needs a break from the  heat? Im tired of being hot and sticky. Had a great time at Cheap Trick the other night will post my pics soon. They  really are super nice everytime I see them there just awesomely kind. On another note  RIP Christian Mann I met Christian years ago when he ran Video Team (if ur a long time porn fan you'll know this No Man's Land) always a gentleman, honest and kind. He also did a lot of work keeping this a safe industry to work in. C also worked at Evil Angel actaully were this last movie I was in was released you will be missed.

Have a fantastic Friday !!! 




Deep Pussy #2 The Milf\'s
July 28, 2014

hi guys Deep Pussy #2 The Milf's is out today here is the link to check it out: 

I see the trailer for this weeks update is choppy Im working on having it fixed I tried a new program yest thats suppose to be faster but anyhoo Im on it.

Check Deep Pussy out its reallt hot and pretty starts off Im on the beach, with a name like Kianna thats were I belong on a beautiful beach. It was funny people were watching me roll around in the sand in that tiny bikini falling out :) :)  leave a nice comment if you can thank you lovers xooox
Missing Persons
July 27, 2014

good morning lovers!

update will be up later today one more compression internet keeps dropping the file (that or the server) I want to scream lol 

Saw Missing Persons last night was awesome her voice is still the same ,the guy that put OJ away got us some vip tickets. Although the security guy wouldnt let me drink a glass of wine in the VIP section can you believe that . In Napa they let you drink all over sometimes I feel like LA is an old persons town everything shuts down so early. Anyways the show was great met her 2 sons very sweet. Have a great Sunday Funday peeps XOXOOO Kianna