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January 31, 2015

hi everyone,

Thank you to who all checked in on little Sophia , i have her resting at home trying to get her to eat. Im making baby food now and she kinda likes it. Soph had major kidney failure most likely cause I gave her stupid arthritus meds from the vet and she had advanced heart disease. I wish that vet would've told me this could happen so pissed off she was just fine taking her heart meds. I swear she was maybe a pound and couldnt walk. Shes kinda walking now though and gaining weight. Hopefully with her next blood test her kidney values will go down. So interesting how its just like humans.

Whose cheering for the Seahawks on Sunday , I am what can I say Im still a Vancouver girl at heart. GO HAWKS!!



January 25, 2015


Sophia is in the hospotal eveyone please pray for my little fur baby last time she was weighed she was 1.9 lbs and shes lost weight since. I feel I have her in the best care possible, I even called at 3:30 am to check on her and her temp is low etc. Hold on Sophie Dog.

thank you everyone,



January 21, 2015

hi babies,

Im still dealing with  iphone issues, new iphone's just came in so hopefully this works and  everything goes back to normal. So funny how much are lives are dependent on these devises now. Its like having a darn leash!  Hope your all having a great week :)

My poor little Sophia is definately slowing down she's 12 now and Im thankful for that she's my BFF  I keep her bundled up like a taco in her fave blankies and a heating pad :) 

Anyways shot some more vids had some wicked eye make up done can't wait for you to see it.

sending you Love,

Kianna D

January 13, 2015

hi everyone, back from my meditation retreat it was AMAZING so much more than I anticipated :) slowly getting myself back as my tea spilt in my bag and my phone got water logged and no longer working so I had to get a new phone and all my info isnt down loading from the cloud. Hopefully when I go into Apple they can help me :) 



January 05, 2015

woohoo frist Mon of the New Year and Im getting a root canal never had one before I hope it doesnt hurt too much :( wish me luck


Kianna XOOO

Happy New Year 2015
December 31, 2014

Happy New Year everyone!!! Have a great night were ever you are CHEERS!!!!!! Appreciate all of you thank you for all your support :) :)

wishing you all the best and LOVE


Kianna and Soph


December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas everyone hope you all had a wonderfu day.



Merry CHRISTMAS 2014
December 22, 2014

Hohoho its almost xmas guy! My tradional xmas ball sucking video is up , no matter how hard I suck on those balls it never hurts lol. Went shopping on Rodeo Dr. the other night and took some cools pics but my face is still a little to puffy to post the pics :(  ok back to the video, what doesn't spray my face I swallow of course never wasting a drop ....xmas white out and swallow merry hohoho!!!

For those of you asking here is my link to my amazon wish list:

have a great milf monday!!!



Singapore Candids
December 19, 2014

hey guys! here are some of my candid pics from my holiday in Singapore , what a cool city :)  Wish I had more time to cruise around but I had a great time and was treated really well :) :)  I stayed in a beautiful private villa and had a beautiful experience. I LOVE Asia :) 

I have a super long xmas video coming for you, its just being ediited right now almost done.  Feeling better I had some crazy peridontol surgery on monday and am on soft food for a week, plus I have to get a root canal :(  hope I can have christmas dinner :) 

woot woot its the holiday season!!!!!



December 14, 2014

hi everyone!

Shooting my xmas pics today :) will post some of my pics from Singapore in the next day or 2. Will be doing some work on my website the next week as I will be home yay!!!! I have been in contractor hell, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel finally who knew I would become an arborist lol actually stressful.  Thank you for being patient :)


santas little helper ha :)