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Singapore Candids
December 19, 2014

hey guys! here are some of my candid pics from my holiday in Singapore , what a cool city :)  Wish I had more time to cruise around but I had a great time and was treated really well :) :)  I stayed in a beautiful private villa and had a beautiful experience. I LOVE Asia :) 

I have a super long xmas video coming for you, its just being ediited right now almost done.  Feeling better I had some crazy peridontol surgery on monday and am on soft food for a week, plus I have to get a root canal :(  hope I can have christmas dinner :) 

woot woot its the holiday season!!!!!



December 14, 2014

hi everyone!

Shooting my xmas pics today :) will post some of my pics from Singapore in the next day or 2. Will be doing some work on my website the next week as I will be home yay!!!! I have been in contractor hell, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel finally who knew I would become an arborist lol actually stressful.  Thank you for being patient :)


santas little helper ha :) 

Happy Thanksgiving 2014
November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! Im so thankful for all you awesome fans/ friends :) : )

big air hugs,

Kianna xoox

November 25, 2014

RIP Pat Quinn a hockey legend I hope Vancouver names a really nice street or port after him he did so much for the Canucks put them on the map.  Sad day in hockey :(



November 24, 2014

good morning!! Happy Monday well sort of waiting for the plumber round 2 ...yikes! It has been awhile since I wore my little scretary outfit and got a mad facail. I got caught on my cell phone and not doing my job I have to do what ever it takes to save my job and hopefully get a promotion talking about making lemonaide when you get lemons lolz.

Have a great week and thank you for the friends/fans that bought me bday gifts off my amazon wish list sooo sweet I LOVE them all just one did not have a name my year of positive affirmations from Louise Hay Thank-You

have a great week !!

air hugs,


Birthday Day
November 17, 2014

good morning!! THANK YOU sooooo mucccchhhh for all the BIRTHDAY WISHES you guys are the bestest :) :) you all really made my day special and its only 8:05 am !!! also thank you for my bday prezzies so sweet I will send a personal thank you email if you left an email addy :) going to start my bday day with my little co pilot Sophia as soon as she decides she wants to get up lolz

super big hugs,

Kianna XOOOO

November 15, 2014

good morning peeps! Im home safe and sound I did not forget my cupcakes on the plane this time :) I have been up since 3 am cleaning, doing laundry and unpacking. Thank you to all my DC and NYC friends/fans for saying HI I had a great visit :) : ) Im just going to kick it around the house and cuddle with Sophia can't believe my bday is in 2 days I just do not want a repeat of last year sick in bed for a week on my bday that sucked!! Oh well kinda made it less painful oh well turning a year older is better than the alternative :) :) I have a new update for you guys so that will be up soon.  So good to be snuggled in bed with Soph have a great Saturday peeps!!!




November 13, 2014

good morning!! My last day in NYC before the super cold weather hits, looks like I planned this trip right :) : ) Have a fabulous thursday!!!!



Happy Veterans Day 2014
November 11, 2014

Happy Vetrens Day!!!! saw some of the parade in NYC pretty cool :) :)  some of the vets  were out on the street and looked like they were having fun thats awesome!!  Just a couple days left in NY I also saw the tree in Rochefellar centre so much bigger in person they  are decorating . Have a great tittytuesday!! 



The Rockettes
November 09, 2014

I finally saw the Rockettes last night and about 150 santa's  so much fun,what a great show. I just love the high kicks,costumes and all the detail. My first time in Radio city, was totally a lot bigger than I thought. I sat on Santa's lap last night told him what I wanted for my bday and xmas lol. So Im in NY now Nov.9-13th THANK YOU DC I had a great time and wasn't as cold as I though it was going to be :)