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website changes
August 23, 2015

hi guys Happy Sunday ! I just want you to know that my website is having some changes the trailer may not be working on the outside but the updates are downloadable in the inside :) No more flash but like I said you can download my videos inside. I am working towards also having a size so you can watch on your phone. There is a security on my site as well if you are new so people can't share passwords or download the whole then cancel. Thats not fun for me as my site is run by me and I shoot everything even do my own make up 99.9 percent of the time. So I have to protect myself one time I got stuck with a 2k bandwidth bill not cool. So you get the picture.

By the way somebody sent me some awesome amazon gifts off my wish list but with no name I would like to send you a thank you and some sexy pictures. But if you want to remain private I understand that too...THANK YOU :)  

Have an awesome Sunday I am shooting a super sexy naughty custom video today....its going to be smokin hot, sexy and nasty!!!

have a great day its before 7am in sleep for the wicked lol



August 12, 2015

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday ok Im still going through all your messages sent through my web site I'm getting to every single one of them :)  So I have been reading that you guys definately want some more Taboo scenes, sporty wear, butt play and some pics of me covered in cum. Ok I dont mean to pat my own back but how good was Sperm Bank lol. I posted that pic on Twitter and got soooo many hits you naughty boys haha!!! 

That reminds me you can also follow me on Twitter: Kianna_Dior  and I just started instagram: officialkiannadior 

have a great evening



August 10, 2015

Happy Monday!! 

Okay I got the message NEW Taboo milf scenes!! See I read your member comments and the emails you send me.

heart you guys!!!

mom :)

Happy Friday!
August 07, 2015

Happy Friday guys! Finally did a water sports video for you guys that love golden showers. I was pretty happy I got to wear my favorite sneakers too and guess what ther PINK lolz!!! Have a great Friday I have some great vids instore for you so I hope your feeling extra naughty!!!

big hugs,


July 24, 2015

Happy Friday!! Had a good week got a new tattoo or cover up from Mark Mahoney at the Samrock Social Club on the Sunset strip Im actually not that big into tattoos but had to have the jail looking tattoo I got when I was younger fixed up ;p no I  was not in jail :)  I LOVE it big differnce when its good , meaningful art.  Also Thank you to the fellows that got me gifts off my amazon wish list so sweet hope you enjoyed your pics.  Just in case I have a twitter Kianna_dior and a new instagram account: officialkiannadior  

Have a great weekend !! Thank you for all your support much appreciated :)


Kianna XXX

SPUNK update
July 17, 2015

Spunk is right!! I get totally down and messy in this video my boobs and face are completey drenched in hot cum and Im loving every second. Jerk it to me naughty boy add your load and cum inside :)  Shot a hole bunch of pretty, naughty content can't wait to share with you and get you off.



Mika Tan and I her last radio show vivid
July 10, 2015

hey everyone, today Im going to be with my girl Mika Tan its her last radio show on Vivid so if you want to call in we start at 4:30 pm  LA time  Siriusxm 855-99-VIVID. Sirius XM 791 

dont be shy!! would love to talk to you :) 



July 04, 2015

HAPPY 4th of July everyone!!! xxx

June 27, 2015

Hi guys! Hope your having a great weekend :) Did you enjoyed watching me being destroyed in my cute little pink dress lol Hope so!!

love u guys!!!


CreamPie, Swallow update
June 11, 2015

hi guys,

It has been awhile since Ive done a Cream Pie vdeo , just to add a little fun naughtiness I Swallowed and Peed as well. I weighed myself this am I though fer sure I gained weight in Miami after eating and drinking my face off but Im down a total of 16 lbs wowzers abs this summer or what :) : )  Sophia seems to be doing better started her on seizure meds last week so just seeing how things are going day by day but she seems happy and comfortable.

Love you guys, have a great time jerking it to my lastest nasty video :)