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July 20, 2014

Mommy Ballsuck vid is up!!! See what happens when my good for nothing husband ignores me at least my son appreciates his mommy. Just for being such a good boy I suck all the cum out of his balls and swallow every last drop.

On another note WOW Pemberton (outside Whistler) sounds like I missed one hell of a music festival sounds better than Cochella and less people. If you ever have a chance to visit Whislter , Pemberton please go for me Pemberton is so beautiful my jaw dropped. I used to love to go snow mobiling on the glacier was so much fun and  beautiful the sky was so baby blue and clear...its imprinted in my memory.

Have an awesome Sundayfunday



July 14, 2014

Happy MILF Monday....Im back from Napa and went to boot camp 9am figured I could suck it up for an hour :) : )

Congratulations Germany on your big win Sunday, that was the first time I ever watched Messi play pretty amazing.

Im just compressing your update right now...its a mommy son video :) be up soon! thank you for being patient.




July 04, 2014

Happy Independence Day!!! I love living in the US so grateful :)  Thank you to all that has served this country we are so fortunate even are bad days are really not that bad compared to the some of the ridiculous things some of the people have to put up just to get by in other countries. 

Im waking up having a great cup of joe by the fireplace with awesome friends and Sophia :) my friends bf had 4 smokers going all night slept outside by them lol( ex marine)  can't  wait to try the Thomas Keller potatoe salad yummm!!!

have an awesome day enjoy part 2 of my 4th of July video



July 01, 2014

HAPPY CANADA peeps have some selfies Im going to post soon!!!



July 4 2014 part1
June 29, 2014

Sunday Funday and part 1 of July 4 2014 celebrate your indepence !!  what can be better than playing around with my hose getting all wet in my see through bikini (thanks again to N for the cool bikini) all that  water  made me have to pee on my stunt cock.  To see more cum inside....part 2 up soon Im all wet :)

wet kisses,kianna xooox

Happy FrIDAY
June 27, 2014

Happy Friday everyone! Love my jump suit so much had to do some photos too :) : ) Super cool the other day I met Ice T and Coco Ice on a Body Count thingie they were super cool. Sophia was there too I think Soph likes big boobs and long hair lol. Working on my 4th of July video :) its a pretty long video... I had to take yesterday off  I was pretty tired from shooting the other day in Vegas that was a long day out in the Vegas heat but it should look HOT no punn intended :) 

Have a great Friday, Im ready to hit the gym with my new fitness model trainer Im on a mission I want some abs.Its just that I really like good food ,champagne and sangria lol have a great day peeps sending you LOVE!!!



#GOUSA was Canada even in the soccer game? sorry not in the news here?!

June 21, 2014

hey guys! Loved my sexy jumpsuit off my wish list so much I had to shoot in it :) TY again N 

#Milf #titfuck 

having some fun in my garden I just LOVE my garden so awesome eatting good food! 

Happy first day of summer 



June 17, 2014

hey guys !! all you LA KINGS fan still celebrating :) :)  interesting watching the mayors litte speech almost as interesting as the request of having a guy pee in my mouth. Im not into that I have peeing vids here but not in my mouth. 

have a great Tuesday!!!

Kianna xoo

Happy Fathers Day
June 15, 2014

Happy Dad's Day to all the dads out there !!!! My udate today is a request from a couple fans some of you asked for me to do a little bikini fashion show with all my bikinis as gifts that I get. So I made it into a MILF Bikini fashion show(roleplay) were I ask my son to help me pick out a bikini for the its a thank-you for all the bikinis and yes I filled another request from my members. A little pat on the back :) :)  

Canada Day and 4th of July is coming up woot woot Ive got the first part figured out for 4th of July now I need to figure out the rest any ideas out there????


Kianna xoxooo

Full Moon/ Go Kings!!
June 13, 2014

g morning, sorry about yesterdays post to all my nice fans but this guy has been harassing me for 8-10 months and Im sick of it. So moving along Im thinking about doing a July 4th vid with my sexy see through american bikini thats screams I have to get wet :) any ideas...

have a sexy friday the 13th  meeeowww GO KINGS GO!!!!! kick some ass Carter!!! esp Boyle's lol


Kianna xoxoxo