About Me


Hi Guys,

I really hope you enjoy my new website. I've worked really hard on it for a long time; from shooting tons of exclusive content to learning how to maintain and update the site all by my little self... which is a lot more work than I thought. I guess you could call it a "labor of love" but it feels great to completely control and run my own business... finally!

Born in Vancouver, Canada, I have two sides; one that had a proper "Christian" upbringing with strict morals, etc. and a naughty side that loves to perform XXX style. As I look back now I have always been an exhibitionist... wondering what the hell are they staring at : )

Even though Vancouver in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, I was growing restless and was tired of stripping and doing the circuit and most of all... the RAIN!!! So I packed a few things and moved to L.A. and never looked back. I was having a blast getting paid for it and experiencing a life I never knew existed. Of course, it wasn't all fun I have had my share of growing pains too, but I would not change a thing.

I have shot for most everyone and everything : ) I feel that my biggest accomplishment so far would be my website. My latest projects would be "FUCK YOU", a rock and roll portraits book by Neal Zlowzer, Gene Simmons "Firestarter" video and a few guest spots on "Family Jewels." My latest video is "Asian Fucking Nation 3."

I have had my website since 2004, so I am really proud to be running it myself from now on. I plan to keep shooting exclusive content around the world. It's really an excuse to travel and still get some work done... enjoy!!!